15 Questions to Ask on a First Date

By | March 7, 2017

Staring at one another awkwardly, exchanging small talk, along with stiff as hell gestures, first dates are easily spotted. Individuals tend to grow more confident as they meet one another more often but the tension in the air is usually very evident the first time they’re meeting.

I guess I should back up for a minute, as I assumed everyone had a date.  If you don't, join a free online dating site and find someone you think is interesting.

first date questions

Whether or not the couple is hitting it off for the first time, there are certain cues which will give it away. Both, the man and woman, will be well groomed and dressed up nicely (stylish but at the same time giving a casual look as to not make others realize how much effort they’ve put in).

Expressions are quite nervous and so is the conversation. There is a peculiar formal feel about the rendezvous. Both seem quite uptight (proof: not even a slight slouch). It is very very obvious that both aren’t very familiar with one another as they focus on their surroundings more than they make eye contact.

Greatest cue: The appetizer has silence and small talk written all over it. What does that mean? Let us enlighten you. Both pick up their salads and stare at lettuce filled plate in front of them. He looks like he’s not ever going to talk and she seems very conscious about herself.

At last, our wish has been answered and one of them breaks the ice. How? With small talk. Oh, dear!

Don’t do it! Just don’t! 

Surely, first dates are extremely stressful and make you super anxious but don’t give in to that feeling and make the night as light as you can.

How? By keeping a cool, calm and relaxed conversation as well as vibe. So for that we present to you a couple of ideal questions to keep the mood good and vibes active and fun! But first let’s shed light on dating ground rules.

Listen well: Don’t make it about yourself, give the other space to talk as well

Go slow: Yes, be interested in finding out new things about them but don’t just expect them to throw everything at you instantly.

Don’t dump: Know the difference between an individual venting and real intimacy

Take genuine interest: Getting to really know the person will make you realize whether or not they’re perfect for you; so put your head into it

Here is a Sample List of First Date Questions

Who is the most influential individual in their lives?

Whether or not they have a sense of humor? (Extra important)

What’s that one place in the world they’ve always wanted to visit?

Who are they most close to? What qualities make them confide so much in that individual?

How’s their taste in movies?

What life mission they want to fulfill?

Saturday nights? Staying in or out?

What’s your take on pets?

What was their family like as they grew up?

What were you like as a child?

Things that you should be aware of; ones which would never cross your mind

Nickname? Story about it?

Talk about school days

What is your take on your calling in life? Have you figured it out?

A quiz like question: Check out top quizzes online!

You may or may have not had some questions of your own but hey, if you’re totally blank, we’ve got your back!

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