7 Steps to Flirting

By | March 21, 2017

The best way to show a girl that you are interested, and get her interested in you, is flirting. You may think that you are not good at flirting, but that’s probably because you don’t think you are and you’re not approaching it properly. Here are the 7 steps to flirting beginning with the introduction and ending with getting her number or maybe even taking her home.  If she's DTF, you may have yourself a great time ahead of you.

How to Flirt in Just 7 Steps

  1. Eye contact – This step involves the initial connection. Make eye contact with her without staring. Look in her general direction until you see her look back at you. Once your eyes lock, flash her a confident smile. If she smiles back, you should walk straight over to her. Even if she locks eyes, but doesn’t smile back at you, start moving toward her.
  2. Conversation – If you’re in a bar or club, ask to buy her a drink. Try to be spontaneous and break the ice with the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re not good at thinking on your toes; have some ice breakers ready in case you’re at a loss. Ask about her interests and get her talking about herself. Use your wit to make her smile.
  3. Touching – Once you get her talking and laughing, you can start with some strategic touching. Don’t grope her. Just look for excuses to do some light touching like placing your hand on her arm when you’re telling a story. If she responds well, touch her some more.
  4. Teasing – Some playful teasing at this point will help you keep her smiling. Teasing equals attention. She will appreciate it and it will probably make her giggle. Tease her about something she likes or deliberately misunderstand something that she says. Be careful with this type of teasing because it could come off as rude if you don’t keep it light.
  5. Compliment her – Giving her compliments is something that you should be doing from the moment you meet her. Just be sure to start off with gentlemanly compliments like how pretty she is or how nice her hair looks. Don’t make your comments sexual until you have taken time to get to know her a little more. Once you’re familiar with her, you can mix sexual compliments with teasing and gauge her reaction.
  6. Being sexual – If she is responding well to touching, teasing, and compliments; you can begin making your advances more sexual. Instead of her arm, touch her leg. Instead of complimenting her on her dress, tell her how nice her ass looks in it. If she smiles, you are ready to take the exchange to the next level and either get her number or leave with her.
  7. Pay attention – Through every step of flirting, you should always be paying attention to how she reacts. If she doesn’t like where things are going, she will show you with her body language and the way she responds to you. If she does like you, she will make it obvious and come back with some flirting of her own. The last thing you want to do is ignore her reactions and take the flirting in a direction she does not want to go. At that point, you will be pushing yourself on her and you will come off like a creep. Always let her reactions guide your flirting.

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