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Everything You Should Know about Cuffing Season

Cuffing season? You might be wondering what the heck it is. The odds are you have no clue what we’re actually talking about right now. And you’re not alone because so many people have no idea of its meaning, but we’re here to enlighten you today. Cuffing Season: What Is It? To start things off,… Read More »

How to Get a Date

There are women looking for a good man everywhere you go, yet some lonely guys are still running around out there wondering how to get a date. It’s not that difficult if you know your worth. Every guy has something about him that is desirable to the opposite sex. All you have to do is… Read More »

How to Score an Older Woman

There are multiple reasons why younger guys are attracted to older women or “cougars”. The main reason is that they don’t play games like many of the girls in the younger generation. These ladies have been around the block and they know how to treat a man, in and out of the bedroom. They don’t… Read More »

7 Steps to Flirting

The best way to show a girl that you are interested, and get her interested in you, is flirting. You may think that you are not good at flirting, but that’s probably because you don’t think you are and you’re not approaching it properly. Here are the 7 steps to flirting beginning with the introduction… Read More »

What Does DTF Mean?

Unless you’re from the Jersey Shore, you might not know the acronym that I’m to share with you. So many people ask the same question, “What does dtf mean?” When they do, they’ve already got something in mind and it often requires a sex partner and a shit ton of fun. That’s right, I’m talking… Read More »

How to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is part of a group of steroid hormones at the center of the reproductive system. It is essential for overall health and fighting off several diseases, including heart disease. It improves your mood, prevents depression, and helps you gain muscle and lose fat. The loss of testosterone can… Read More »

How to Find a Booty Call for Casual Sex

If you are single and you want to sow your wild oats before you settle down; you’re going to have some down time between flings. That’s when you need a booty call. A booty call is one of those sexual partners that you can have sex with multiple times and still not have to worry… Read More »

15 Questions to Ask on a First Date

Staring at one another awkwardly, exchanging small talk, along with stiff as hell gestures, first dates are easily spotted. Individuals tend to grow more confident as they meet one another more often but the tension in the air is usually very evident the first time they’re meeting. I guess I should back up for a… Read More »