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How to Get a Date

There are women looking for a good man everywhere you go, yet some lonely guys are still running around out there wondering how to get a date. It’s not that difficult if you know your worth. Every guy has something about him that is desirable to the opposite sex. All you have to do is… Read More »

15 Questions to Ask on a First Date

Staring at one another awkwardly, exchanging small talk, along with stiff as hell gestures, first dates are easily spotted. Individuals tend to grow more confident as they meet one another more often but the tension in the air is usually very evident the first time they’re meeting. I guess I should back up for a… Read More »

Why is She Ignoring Me?

You have the girl of your dreams and life couldn’t get better! You are on cloud number nine and things are working out perfectly well between you two, or so it seems! Suddenly she starts ignoring you and you start losing it. The only reason that you can come up with is that she is… Read More »