Everything You Should Know about Cuffing Season

By | March 1, 2019

Cuffing season? You might be wondering what the heck it is. The odds are you have no clue what we’re actually talking about right now. And you’re not alone because so many people have no idea of its meaning, but we’re here to enlighten you today.

Cuffing Season: What Is It?

To start things off, just know that it’s actually a real thing happening right now. Cuffing season exists in the fall and winter. It’s that time of the year when you want to have a steady someone in your life. You no longer want to be single or chase people around while hooking up. You’d prefer a relationship at this time a year albeit a temporary one. It’s also known as being cuffed to another person.

Are you starting to understand now?

Cuffing Season

For the most part, when it’s cold outside nobody really wants to be alone. They’d rather be in a relationship, kinda, even if it only happens to last until the spring. Why? Because the winter’s a lot less miserable or disappointing when you have somebody there to spend your time with every day.

Some people hate being cuffed so much that they’d rather spend the winter alone. If you feel that way, then keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about it. Everybody has their own ideas and opinions and nobody ever said you had to be cuffed during the winter.

A Cuffing Season Survival Guide

Are you hoping to get cuffed this season? We’ll help you by sharing some of our favorite tips. They include:

  • Send your summer booty call packing. Stop hooking up with this chick and start looking for somebody more compatible to spend the cold winter months with. This might seem crazy but it’s actually a good idea. Summer chicks are for the warm weather. Call her again on Memorial Day weekend. But find somebody new to spend dark and dreary winter days and nights with.
  • Avoid attachment. Remember, cuffing season always comes to an end so you should try not to get too attached. Have fun hugging, kissing, and cuddling and more with her during the winter and really enjoy this time in your life. But when the spring rolls around, be prepared to uncuff yourself and walk away.
  • Don’t post pics on social media. Again, this isn’t a lifelong relationship so don’t post pictures like you’re hanging out with your soulmate. Stay away from social media altogether and just have fun spending time with this person and nothing more.
  • Make Netflix your best friend. Netflix and chill is a great way to have a good time with your cuffed better half during the frostier months. It’s too cold to go outside all the time anyway. Get used to curling up in front of the TV. You’ll save money, enjoy yourself immensely, and she’ll certainly be happy and satisfied too.


The fall and winter months are definitely a strange period. Feel free to get cuffed for the next 4 to 6 months instead of constantly being on the hunt all the time. You’ll appreciate the break and have a hell of a lot of fun regardless.

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