Friends With Benefits – What Does It Mean?

By | March 11, 2017

Have you ever heard the term friends with benefits being used on the Internet or by friends? Well, you’re not the only one. The entire committee is very familiar with what an FWB is and what it means. If you’re not, then we’re going to teach you quickly.

friends with benefits rules and meaning

Friends With Benefits Meaning

Here is the specific meaning, it’s someone that’s your friend who is willing to have sex with you and possibly on a regular basis. The kicker here is that you two are simply friends and that’s it, nothing more.

Now, if you have some friends that you think are possible candidates for this type of thing, then I suggest you reach out to them. Ask them to entertain the idea of you two hooking up with one another without letting a single soul know.

But first, you need to know the rules!

Friends With Benefits Rules You Must Understand

Okay, so I’ll tell you everything I know about having a FWB. The first rule you need to understand is that these rules are not optional, they’re rules! So don’t break them or you’ll be sorry.

Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of these rules…

No Emotions

One thing you’ll want to do is check your emotions at the door. If you get too emotional, you’ll end up getting attached and that’s going to end badly for everyone. You’ll either get jealous when she bangs someone else or you’ll end up with a girlfriend.

More often than not, emotions fuck things up.

No Real Dates

You two are not to go on traditional dates. That means avoiding any nights at the movies, dinners out and all that fun boyfriend/girlfriend type stuff. Dates lead to emotions and that in turn leads to being more than friends.

Discuss Your Arrangement

You should discuss the arrangement that you’ve setup with your sex partner. Outlining the rules of the game make it easier to play.

Keep It Simple

Best to always keep things as simple as possible. Don’t over complicate them by leaving loose ends or situations that can get awkward. None of the noise is going to be helpful the least bit. Simplicity and hooking up is the name of the game!

Make Sure No One Else Knows

One of the most important rules of friends with benefits is that no one else knows about you and your special fuck buddy. Always keep it that way. Either that or expect to get hit with a slew of questions that you don’t want to answer.

Keep It Short Lived

You cannot go on with this type of relationship forever. Doing so is literally going to cause you to fall for one another. You may start to gain feelings of someone if you’re not careful.

Date Other People

Don’t be afraid to date other people while you’re having a FWB relationship with someone. Just do it and don’t think twice about it. If not, you’ll end regretting it or getting too attached.

Use A Condom

I suggest that you use protection with your friend. After all, you have no idea just how sexually active they’re being with other people. Chances are they've got an NSA relationship going on with someone else. Save your jimmy the pain and suffering.

Don’t Text Too Often

Texting someone too much is a huge no no. This is a sheer sign of getting attracted to someone. Even if you’re having sex with them on the regular, it doesn’t mean that you need to text a lot. Keep it to setting up booty calls and that’s it. Remember to keep your emotions out of it too.

Those are the simple friends with benefits rules that I can share with you.

Now, you know everything that you need to know about this type of relationship. Now, if you don't have any friends willing to hook up with you, then you need to find a local fling. That's always worked for me when I can't find friends to bang steadily.

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