Fuckbooknet.net Site Review

Today we've got an extra special review to share with you. It's on perhaps the world's most infamous dating site on the planet. It's an underground network that many of the committee members have been using for years. The site is called the Fuckbook Network and it's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Today's dating review is on this site and it's written by a what we typically refer to as a hookup guru. For anonymity purposes we'll call him “JB,” as you know we can't reveal who we are for fear of some of our girlfriends and wives finding out about our silly antics.

fuckbooknet review

Official Fuckbook Review And What We Know By “JB”

Since you'll be using this site for the first time, I'm going to give you my initial impression on the site. I didn’t know why it was called Fuckbooknet at first, but I found out quick. It casts a virtual net out in cyberspace and snares some beautiful and horny locals in your area. The cutting edge technology used to create the site is put to good use here to make the experience exciting and entertaining.

I have never had wild success with any dating site, but this one was a whole other story. There is so much action on this site. I never knew there were so many horny girls in my area.

Important Site Details

This is a social network for people who share a common interest of wanting to have sex with each other. Everyone is welcome here no matter your gender, race, or anything of that nature. Men, women, and couples use this site daily to find people to bang.

Searching on Site

Okay, first of all, the search results showed way more hot girls than I even knew existed in my area. A couple of them turned out to be ugly and not worth my time, but that was nothing compared to the 100+ hot girls that I found on the first day. You can spend a lot of time on this site and never run out of girls to chat with. It's definitely one of the larger networks that I use.

Messaging Girls via Network

The first time I used this dating site, I sent about ten messages to all the hottest girls in my area and a couple messages to some girls who lived a little farther away. The girls who lived farther away were just too close to my type to pass up so I hit them up. Some didn’t respond and some just chatted back and forth. That’s when I started messaging one extremely hot girl, then another, then another after that.

I was talking to all three of these girls so much that I was having a hard time keeping up with them. It was time to hear their voices so I asked for all their numbers and got them.

Talking on the Phone

I was already excited at the results of this site. I was talking to three very hot girls at the same time and they all seemed interested. I asked them if we could meet and they all said yes. These girls were so hot that I couldn’t pick which one to ask out so I asked them all.

Meeting Up With Members

I was able to set up a date with all three of these girls on three consecutive weekends. This was yet another instance where I was praising the site and the fun had just begun. I met the first girl. She was a little heavier than her pictures, but still really cute. We had sex and it was great but nothing more and just what I wanted.

I went out with the second girl and she was cute but not that smart. We had a lot of fun on our date, but she ended up drinking too much and I had to take her home. We are going to get together again, but that first date was a bust.

The third girl showed me a really good time and even better sex. This one absolutely loved sex. We plan on getting together again next week.

More Girls on The Site

There is definitely no shortage of prospects on this site. Just when I think I have found all the hot girls in my area; the search turns up another one. It’s easy to get lucky on this site and there is always a girl to hook up with.

The Pros of Joining

  • The site is interactive and entertaining.
  • The social network aspect of the site is familiar and easy to navigate.
  • It simply gets me laid and the results are positive. I have been using other sites that claim to have a much larger network, but who cares about quantity if it's not effective?
  • You can sign up free of charge and the premium member packages are very affordable.

Few Cons Do Exist

There is a lot of competition on the site. All that this means is that you can’t be a jerk or distant when using this. You must prove to the members that you have something to desire and they will want to bang you.

Fuckbook Reviews From Others Agree With Me Too!

It's 2017 and this site works awesome. I'm not the only person using it either. Sure, it may not be the biggest network, but it is definitely big. You can’t argue with the results. I get laid more on here than most other larger websites. They just got it right with this one.

I and the ADA committee definitely approve of joining this.

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