Milfaholic Login and Dating Site Reviews (2019)

Some of us are addicted to a number of things in life. We are not addicted to drugs and alcohol, but milfs. Yes, I'm a milfaholic and so are some other committee members of our site love them as well. That's exactly why we were so excited when we discovered the website. Assuming you have a strong affinity for mature women, then you'll want to check this site out as well.  But first, I'm going to share my personal thoughts on this site after obtaining a login. Don't sign up just yet, read what I have to say about these naughty MILFs. Find out if they're all the real deal. Anyone looking for an NSA relationship must read this review!

milfaholic review

Obtaining A Milfaholic Login And The Committee Review

Committee members are basically pros when it comes to registering for a dating site and milfaholic makes it pretty simple to do so. We know that sometimes what might seem almost completely effortless, yields nothing that positive. In other words, you'll need to put forth a bit of effort for the most part if you want positive results. The same goes for Milfaholic and other casual dating sites.

When we went through the process of obtaining a Milfaholic login, some skeptics did start asking questions. We were anxious to see whether or not this would work. After reading all the negative reviews on this dating service, we simply had to find out for ourselves. The good news is that once you're done reading this review you shouldn't have any questions about whether or not joining is a good idea.

If you search online for “ scam” you're going to find a ton of negative information about this site. I'm sure you'll see that the site claims to be the #1 milf dating site on the Internet. I hate to burst your bubble here, but there is no way that we could confidently sleep knowing that this site's making this statement. Self-proclamation doesn't make us jump for joy over anything, a simple marketing tactic that we just can't let go.

On a more positive note, many members of the committee agree that the women shown on the index page are incredibly hot. I'm talking about mature ladies with their legs spread, tits out, and all smiles. You know, the type that you'd love to just bang all day long.

Can you really bang them?

Honestly, our first reaction was an affirmative yes, thinking that it was simple to bang these filthy moms looking for D. However, after just 96 hours, our tune changed. We soon realized that some of the women may not in fact be real users.

Unfortunately, in their terms and conditions, the site claims to use fantasy cuties in order to enhance your experiences. What exactly does this mean? Well, it means that they hire contractors and workers to be active on the website. They communicate with you, maybe even chat live, but they'll never meet you for sex. Given that many of the sites users are filled with “FC” users, it's a lot to sift through.

Another thing that we collectively were worried about was the lack of reputation that the company behind Milfaholic has on BBB. Plymouth Associates Ltd. has a Better Business Bureau rating of C- as of  2019. The problem is that many users claim that they've been erroneously billed at times. Now, it's most likely that they didn't read the specific terms and conditions. What we suggest is that you always pay attention to the fine print provided. The scams all over the web are concerning enough for us to flag this site.

Signing Up For Milfaholic – The Process

If you still want to join this site, we're not going to leave you in the dust. Completing the registration process is rather simple. It's a four step process that you must go through. Step 1 is stating whether you’re a man or woman. Step 2, create a unique username. Step 3 is to type in your password and the last step is to enter your email address. That’s all you need to do to get signed up as a free user. Any Internet user with the lowest tech experience can complete the process. We must warn you not to get distracted by the busty blonde mom with her tits hanging out. It's likely a strategy to take your focus off the terms and conditions.

Features Worth Mentioning

Once you're logged in, you will notice that you can begin searching for milfs right away and can do so by searching via:

  • Age
  • Geo-location
  • Fetish
  • Gender

The site does showcase those that are online right now, you can chat with people who are logged in at that very moment. The problem is that you might be chatting with hired help. If you're willing to take the time to work around fantasy cuties then you might find a local milf willing to meet for sex.

Final Verdict And Out Results

Look, we're being extra nice here by not bashing this site for using fantasy cuties. When testing the sites effectiveness, we came up short in terms of actually getting laid, but we did communicate with users on the site. It's still blurry as to whether or not the users we spoke with actually want to meet people to have sex.

We sent out over a dozen messages to women from a variety of user statuses. The results as follows:

  • 12 messages sent
  • 4 replies
  • 0 dates
  • 0 hook ups
  • 20 incoming messages

We did notice that incoming messages were more frequent prior to upgrading. The said, you've got to be willing to upgrade and give it an honest effort either on Milfaholic or instead, a proven dating site.

If you want to join the site, then we're not going to stop you, but we certainly can't advise that you do so with complete confidence.

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