Sexsearch Site Review

This review of Sexsearch is a bit different from the traditional Adult Dating Awards review. Though many members have used this site, we have one committee member that's been using the Sexsearch website since 2004. It only makes sense that we let this person write the review for the committee. I'll start by saying that the entire group, as well as all the consumers that we've interviewed, have had nothing but positive things to say about this company and the site itself.

Here is what one of the committee members had to say about this website. It's their own personal review and we're backing it just the same.

sexsearch review

Sexsearch Review (Written By A 2004 – 2017 Daily User and Committee Member)

Like I said, this review is going to be a bit raw and uncut but that's what you're looking for most likely. Here's what one committee member had to say about the site…

For years, especially in the beginning, I had had the best relationship. My ex-girlfriend's job was not as busy as mine. But she changed jobs and got one which was better paying but involved a lot of traveling. I found myself feeling lonely. That is how I found myself on

I found a few websites which really disappointed me. I was giving up when I tried out this adult dating site and it was much different from the rest. At least that's the vibe it gave me, so I joined and got ready to take the ride.

Searching For Girls

Because it was my first time using the site and I was feeling a little guilty about cheating at the time, I searched for married women. I found lots of beautiful but lonely women. I could not believe it. I initially chose two because I was testing waters. What I did was reach out to them and guess what, they all replied. One was a pro at this while the other was a newbie like myself. I felt like I struck gold finally for once in my life. My sexual frustrations were on the verge of being solved and that was a great feeling at the time. That's when I started messaging more girls.

Details On The Messaging

I did not pursue matters further with the newbie. Instead, I went to the pro as I knew it was more of a sure thing. I was not entirely sure about what I was getting myself into and I did not want to have someone else who was in the same beginning stages as myself. I had a great time chatting with her. She told me about herself and I told her about myself. We then exchanged phone numbers and with a little instant messaging flirting, we had a call lined up to connect some more.

Phone Conversations With Sex Search Members

After what we had chatted and shared with one another, we spoke on phone like typical bang buddies. We both knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish and the feeling was mutual. She helped me overcome my feelings of guilt. She was naughty and she liked to flirt a lot. I should also mention that this relationship blossomed into regular phone sex. I wanted to bang her as many times as possible and as much as possible that's how much I enjoyed her company.

The Meetup

We continued to meet and the NSA relationship blossomed into what couldn't have been any more perfect. She was turned on by my abs and I loved her firm tits and spankable booty. I typically would meet this girl and much more at the local hotel down the street from my favorite bar. It was the best feeling knowing how easy it was to hook up with someone local that just wanted sex.

I do not want to be caught, so I wasn't using the sit every single day. Now that I'm single I'm on it 24/7. That first month, I ended up meeting the newbie and I had one of the greatest sex dates of my life. She was full of raw energy, enthusiasm and was super dirty. She was flexible, gorgeous, horny and about as naughty as anyone could expect. She told me she was married to a rich guy who does not do it for her. Who cares really, all I wanted was to bang.

Pros Of Using It

There are many people on the site. I know this because I have fun on the site messaging hundreds of different girls. Over the years, I can tell you that I've had dozens of “sex only” relationships with members on this site. The technology is flawless, the members are hot and they have a great guarantee. I should also mention that the search functionality is great and it helps you find exactly what you want.


The site could do with a dedicated mobile app for those who want to use it on the go, although you can just log onto the web using the mobile browser. It's just as fast and works but just not as convenient.

Bottom Line: SexSearch Sets The Industry Bar, Which Is Why I Use It Daily

Sexsearch has been around for more than a decade. It's helped millions of people connect for sex. It will help you do just the same. Lots of people look for different things on hook up websites. For me, I'm always looking for simplicity. The site is effective in getting me laid and it happens plenty. Give this a go if you're a true player looking for someone to bang.

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