SnapSext Review

For serial daters like us who like to live life on the freaky side, is a site you have to check out.  Today's SnapSext review goes right into the Adult Dating Awards full experience with dating people who you meet online that just want to have sexual encounters.

Snapsext Review

We Login To SnapSext and This is the Review

Every time we sign up for an online dating site, whether main stream or the adult oriented ones, we feel like we are in for a let down.  There are very few sites out there that truly deliver on what they promise, so we go in without expecting to find that hook up, romantic encounter, or meeting a potential soul mate.

When we signed up and got the Snapsext Login, we were anxious to see what this site was about.  There were a lot of negative Snapsext reviews and we were expecting to have a horrific experience, but today we'll share with you that our male AND female profiles both had a lot of good things to report.

Our male profile was used to reach out to as many women as possible.  Looking for sex (which we'll kindly deliver on if there is mutual interest) and sending messages at a pace that almost gave us carpel tunnels, we were anxious to see if any replies came through.  We were to the point, direct, and sometimes, just down right dirty.

The reaction? 

Well, we waited for about 72 hours to come back and view the replies, just so we didn't look overly thirsty.

Not only were there replies waiting for us, but the replies were genuine, even going as far as answering questions that we had posed.  If this isn't what you aim to look for in an online dating site, what is?

You know we've tried all sorts of sites, from the ones with the bold claims to the ones that are just very mainstream. If you are looking to hook up, do NOT overlook

When you look around the web, they have a good reputation on some of the bigger online dating review sites, and that's always a positive thing to here prior to joining.  We try all sites no matter what, but we pushed this one way up the list because of the experiences we read about on other sites. Obviously, as our review shares, we were not let down.  There aren't any “Snap Sext Scams” out there blasting them, and we can say we have no complaints with Snap Sext customer service.

snapsext dating award winner

How to Sign Up for Snap Sext

If you want to sign up for this site, it's rather simple.  When you complete your registration you'll see a woman actually remove her clothing as the entire process pushes forward.  It's rather comical, and shows they aren't just some “skin” and that the developers are a bit tech savvy.  Of course, sexy, scantily clad women scatter the landing page when you sign up, which makes it a lot easier on the eyes every step of the way if you are a man!

Favorite Features

Upon logging in, you have a lot of control over who you want to match with, including:

  • Location
  • Sexual Preference
  • Age
  • Online Now

The “online now” function allows you to make a spontaneous hook up very likely.  Talk about seizing the moment!

The “text feature” allows you to contact people online using mobile devices.  These instant messages are like texting people whose numbers you don't have.  Think of this as the same way you use Facebook Messenger. 

Full Test Results

Our male test subject did really well.  About half of the messages sent out garnered replies within 48 hours.  That's among the top tests we've ever ran.  We selected a wide variety of profiles in the area using the location search.  With active replies like this, you can rest assured this is a very active site.

We did not get anyone on the video chat during our test.  When we do, we'll circle back.

Our full test went like this, for FULL DISCLOSURE:

  • 27 messages sent
  • 13 replies
  • 4 dates
  • 3 hook ups

The one date that didn't result in a hook up with our very proud (and obviously sexually active) male test subject had a caveat – the date was before an appointment and “just for coffee.”  While our test subject says another date is lined up, and that it went well, time will tell.

As we get more experiences documented, we will share them here.  For all of you looking for an unbiased Snapsext review, that's the official one for 2017 by the Adult Dating Awards – an entertaining, no punches pulled blog about online dating, hooking up, and relationship advice.

We fully endorse SnapSext and have it in our top five reviews.

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