Socialsex Review: Login Process, Search Functions, Member Success, Etc.

Socialsex is one of those sites that catches your eye upon first glance. Millions of people have been spending time using this network in an attempt to meet someone local to date. When the committee reviewed this website, it was almost a unanimous decision as far as the award goes. While I'm not going to get into that right away, I instead prefer to share a committee member experience.

Today's Socialsex review was written by one of the most well-educated members within the community. He's got a masters degree in mathematics from MIT. It only makes sense to let him share his thoughts on the website.

Socialsex site review

SocialSex Website Review (Based On A Committee Members Personal Experience)

I'm Jason and yes, I've been referred to as a “smart cookie” at times. Perhaps it's because of my advanced degrees. No clue, but I'm not here to talk about that. Instead, I want to share everything I've learned about SocialSex. I like to think of myself as being sexually liberal although I had never tried anything in terms of having an orgy, gangbangs or hooking up with swingers before joining the site. I wanted to try something out of our comfort zone so I joined My main objective was to hook up with couples and have some new experiences.

Site Details

I joined the site because it was appealing and promised what I wanted. Throughout the registration stage, there were visuals and it was very detailed. My guess is that the site owners have perfected this part of the process because it's completely seamless. I was even asked what my favorite sex positions are, how often I have banged. They use this data to connect you with other like-minded members within the network.

Searching For Sex

I didn't know what to expect when signing up. Basically, I wanted to get a feel of what the couples on the site wanted before diving into the process.

I focus on one thing and when I'm in the zone, I've got nothing but the objective on my mind. It certainly does apply to meeting people to bang. I'll tell you right now, the option of chatting on webcam definitely sparked my interest. If you're not familiar with what they are, it's the use of video technology which allows you to virtually chat with people.

I decided to look for a couple with whom I could have webcam sex with before meeting them in person. All I did was fill out my profile, do a specific search, and send a few messages.

Guess what, on the first attempt I got responses from at least five couples. After having virtual sex with some of the couples, I knew I was ready to meetup them in person.

Messaging Technology

The messaging technology on Socialsex is simple to use and it works great. I've been reaching out to people on a regular basis and it's done wonders for my social life. After only a few messages, I ended up finding on one couple who wanted to add a third person to their sex life.

Phone Calls

While I've had a lot of success over the years, I'm showcasing my very first experience for the time being. Back to my review…After the messaging, I decided to exchange phone numbers and we spoke on phone. They were a little bit more daring and adventurous than me, but it was my first time right. We planned to meet up at a local hotel for some drinks.

My First Meetup

We met less than 24 hours at a nice hotel bar. Throwing back tasty alcohol beverages never tasted better. I can confidently say that all the people I've connected in-person with have been awesome. When there is a mutual objective and common goal, it makes things less confusing and more fun.

Some of the couples including the first one that I met up with wanted to incorporate the use of masks. We wore masks to cover our faces just to make things even more exciting. It was like directing and watching a threesome video. It went great and we agreed to meet again. Honestly, it could not have been any easier nor a better experience.

Other Couples & Single Members

I've met hundreds if not thousands of people online that are all looking for the same thing, nothing but sex. It's certainly enhanced my sex life more than you can ever imagine.

Site Pros

Socialsex is great for all kinds of people. With a wide variety of characteristics to filter and focus on, there's no doubt that you'll get laid. You will get what you want, how you want, and when you want it. Just be specific and you will enjoy yourself as a member of this network. The site is easy to use and it is not exorbitantly priced. Like I said, the search functionality is awesome and sets it apart from the competition.


I had a mobile tech issue that was quickly resolved after reaching out to support. There's nothing else negative that I can say about this site in general. The quality of girls will vary based on your location.

Conclusion: It's An Award Winning Hookup Site, So Try Socialsex!

It is worth trying. If you're looking to have threesomes, then this might be the network for you. The company behind the dating site is reputable and definitely a top player within a very competitive industry.

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