What is the Meaning of NSA?

By | March 1, 2017

‘No Strings Attached' is commonly known as NSA and you might have come across this on various dating sites and chat rooms. While some conceive this notion as taboo, others on the contrary prefer it more than a regular relationship.
Let's take a look at what ‘no strings attached' really is and what are its pros and cons.

A no strings attached relationship purely refers to an interaction between two people where there are no conditions or contractual agreements attached.

nsa meaning

Why would a relationship need a contract? Is that what you are thinking? Well, since we are just talking about dating and hanging out, no agreements are needed per se but there are underlining factors which are common in every regular relationship. However in no strings attached interactions, both the man and the woman are basically not exclusive for one another and they only meet up for sex!

NSA relationships are perfect for women who are successful, who are career oriented, have everything they need except a sexual life. Same goes for a man. If he has everything, maybe also a wife and a kid, he would prefer keeping sexual relationships with a woman who desires nothing else. This way, both the people can concentrate on their jobs, families or whatever while meeting up casually just for sex when the need be.

If you are wondering if this sort of relationship truly works out, take a look below.

Are Casual Relationships and ‘No Strings Attached' the Same Thing?

Well, most people place both the kinds in the same list, however this is not the case. A causal relationship definitely has some strings attached other than just sex. While on the other hand in NSA, sex is the only factor present. A causal relationship comprises of casual chats, dating, hanging out, gifting each other presents, etc. NSA is purely based on sex, which you can find here.

Are Friends with Benefits and ‘No Strings Attached' the Same Thing?

Well, the name is self explanatory. A friends with benefits relationship refers to a sexual relationship where both the guy and the girl are friends before they decide to proceed to the next level. For whatever reason, friends with benefits would rather keep things between the sheets and not call their relationship a ‘relationship' or basically not announce it publicly.

In NSA and friends with benefits, sex is the common factor but at least you are friends in the ‘friends with benefits relationship'!

In order to know what you exactly need, ask yourself the following questions and take a mature decision:

  • Am I not ready for a long term relationship?

Knowing where you stand presently will tell you if you want a long term relationship or not. If you are between jobs or shifting to a new city, you might want to wait until you settle down.

  • Should I have fun?

If spicing things up is your new resolution, you might want to go for the NSA relationship for a while. If you feel it's not working out and you need more out of a relationship, go for a proper relationship instead.

No strings attached is working out for a lot of people today due to their busy lives but needless to say, every man and woman need something extra other than just sex!

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